Reading Guide: Lenin Returns in April, 1917

lenin“On the 3rd of April Lenin arrived in Petrograd from abroad. Only from that moment does the Bolshevik Party begin to speak out loud, and, what is more important, with its own voice.”—Leon Trotsky

[Leaflet] Fight for Socialism! A Program to Defeat Trump

This is the text of a leaflet distributed by the US Section of the Internatinal Marxist Tendency. Download the PDF version of the leaflet here!

The massive wave of defiance against Donald Trump’s election shows that millions of youth and workers will resist his government. Trump cannot resolve the crisis of capitalism and the poverty, bigotry, and instability that come with it. The Democrats and labor leaders have rolled over and offered to work with him. The International Marxist Tendency (IMT) has a different perspective. We are confident that Trump’s anti-worker agenda can be stopped in its tracks. This is our proposal for a program to fight and beat Trump.

[Video] How Trump Won and How to Fight Him

The election of Donld Trump has sent shock waves and mass protests across the US. John Peterson, editor of Socialist Appeal magazine, provides a Marxist analysis of the Trump election and its implications for the class struggle during the Northeast Regional Marxist School of the IMT in New York.


[Leaflet] Only Socialism Beats Trump!

Comrades of the IMT are distributing thousands of copies of this leaflet in over 20 cities at the anti-Trump demonstrations that have erupted across the country. Download it here!

Millions of workers and young people are digesting the bitter pill of the failure of lesser evilism. They cannot imagine a world in which a bigoted billionaire bully is the top official in American political life. But countless others are outraged, viscerally affected, and ready to fight. While the liberal apologists for the crimes and failures of Clinton and the Democrats panicked and despaired, the instincts of the radicalized youth have come alive.

[Video] Bernie or Bust? The Way Forward for the Revolution

John Peterson, Editor of Socialist Appeal, discusses the polarization and radicalization taking place in the United States. John explains that events like the Sanders campaign and the #BlackLivesMatter movement are expressing the accumulated discontent with the status quo which has built up beneath the surface for many years. These developments have enormous implications for the spread of revolutionary ideas and the growth of the forces of Marxism in the USA and around the world.