The Failure of "Lesser Evilism"

2014election2Editorial for Socialist Appeal 85 - Private ownership of the means of production has hit a dead end on a world scale. The system is dying on its feet, and this inevitably has profound political and social consequences in the country par excellence of capitalism. Francis Fukuyama, who, upon the fall of the USSR, famously declared “the end of history,” now says that America “suffers from the problem of political decay in a more acute form than other democratic political systems.” In plain English: capitalism and its institutions are in big trouble.

Election 2014—Big Business Wins Again

2014electionWhat if they held an election and nobody came? In some ways, the 2014 midterm election was very much like this. Just 36.6 percent voted, only 13% of them under age 30, and as many as 70 million eligible voters are not even registered. The main capitalist parties—the Democrats and Republicans—do not deal with real issues related to the lives of the overwhelming majority of the population. This is true bourgeois democracy. That is, democracy for the top 1% or 2%, but not for the rest of us!

Wendy Davis and the Race for Texas Governor

wendydavisOn November 4, Texans will go to the polls as part of the nationwide midterm elections. The headline race is for governor, chiefly between Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis. Davis has risen to national prominence in recent months and is seen by many as a “progressive” politician to be supported and emulated. In reality, however, she is another classic example of a “lesser evil” Democrat, the “left boot” of the capitalists’ political set up. In her own words, she “proudly worked across the aisle” with her Republican “foes.”

Notes From Ferguson

dontshootAs the protests in Ferguson, MO, enter their 12th day, following the shooting of Michael Brown by local police, the Workers International League (US section of the IMT) continues to intervene in this spontaneous upsurge, in Ferguson itself, and on the campuses in the area. These events mark a qualitative turning point in the class struggle in the United States. It is already being recognized as an event for which there will be a “before” and an “after,” even by the talking heads in the media and the representatives of the capitalist political establishment.