The Circus of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Anger TranslatorEvery year, the White House holds its correspondents’ dinner. This farce, suitable only for those with iron stomachs and Herculean gag reflexes, is a clear demonstration of the major media’s “objectivity.” Even the New York Times was forced to deride it as “a crystallization of the press’s failures . . . [as it] illustrates how easily a propaganda-driven White House can enlist the Washington news media in its shows.”

What's Behind the UNC Killings?

unckillingsOvershadowed by Obama's request to Congress for formal authorization to use military force against ISIS, comes news of the grisly murders of three young Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Throughout Tuesday evening and into Wednesday morning, coverage of the murders was notably absent from the major news outlets—CNN's top story was an op-ed piece about whether or not another Spiderman movie reboot was necessary. Late into the night, the valley of the news giants was filled with the sounds of peaceful snoozing. Trying to find additional information about what had happened proved fruitless and frustrating for the thousands on social media demanding—through tweets, status updates, and tags—that some major outlet pick up the story.

More Money for the Rich, More Cuts for the Workers

budget2015Just before the Christmas holiday break, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that continued the usual pattern: more money for the wealthy, austerity for the working class, and about half of the cash to the military. This reflects the present situation of American and world capitalism—a crisis-ridden system that must take back past progressive reforms and build up its military to battle the growth of revolutionary movements and the general upheaval in the ex-colonial world.  We must remember that right now, the US economy is growing, but not in a manner to make up for the decline of the 2008 slump. There are dark clouds on the horizon.  China is slowing down and Europe and Japan seem to be in a second slump or “double dip.”

Obama: Talking the Talk When He Can't Walk the Walk

changeobamaMarx once famously remarked that in history, tragedy reappears as farce. Seven years ago, there was for many American workers the illusion that Barack Obama would somehow serve their interests. For these workers, the conversion of Obama's “Yes We Can” 2008 campaign to the first six years of his presidency has been a bitter disappointment and a tragedy.


Single-Payer and Governor Shumlin in Vermont

vermontsinglepayerOn December 17, Democrat Governor Shumlin of Vermont abandoned plans to implement Act 48, legislation from 2011 that was supposed to make Vermont the first state in the country to have “single-payer” health care. A wolf in sheep’s clothing for the working class of Vermont, Governor Shumlin concluded that implementing Act 48 would hurt the economy, because in order to pay for the expanded health coverage, a payroll tax and a progressive income tax of zero to 9.5% would need to be put in place.