Bernie or Bust? The Way Forward for the Revolution

Just a few days after correctly identifying Hillary Clinton as part of the establishment in his op-ed piece in the New York Times, Bernie has come out saying the most important priority is to defeat Donald Trump, that he will vote for Clinton, and there are clear indications that negotiations are ongoing between his and Hillary’s campaign for a formal endorsement. Is this how the “Political Revolution” ends up? After hundreds of thousands cheered his call to fight the “billionaire class” at rallies across the country? After millions voted for him in primaries and caucuses? After millions of Americans felt that the 99% finally had a voice in politics? Will electing Clinton really defeat the hate-filled politics of Donald Trump? Or will it actually prepare the ground for an even more vicious right wing in the years ahead? How can we end the vicious two-establishment-parties cycle once and for all? Serious activists who really want a revolution need to examine these issues carefully.

Fighting for Socialism in the Trump Era

Anti Trump Featured ModuleSocialist Appeal has been busy analyzing the developments of the 2016 Presidential Election and its results for the past several months. The amount of change over that relatively short span of time is proof positive that we are living in extremely volatile and exciting times! For ease of navigation, we have compiled articles covering these events on a single page and will update this as our coverage continues.

Mass Mobilization Shuts Down Trump in Chicago

Trump protest Chicago March 11 2016On March 11, the workers of Chicago, with the youth leading the charge, gave Donald Trump a very rude awakening, which was celebrated by activists and revolutionaries around the world. Trump, who had spoken earlier that day at a rally in St. Louis which featured physical violence and death threats against protesters, must have expected his visit to Chicago to proceed similarly. After hearing about St. Louis, however, it quickly became apparent that ordinary Chicagoans had different plans for Trump and his rally.

What Next for the Sanders Campaign? How to Defeat the Billionaires!

sanders-stage Michael VadonThe 2016 presidential election is not like most recent US elections—it is actually interesting and exciting! For the first time in US history, a mainstream candidate who calls himself a socialist and says we need a “political revolution against the billionaire class” is having a major impact.

Iowa Democratic Party Caucus Shows Need for Socialist Labor Party

BernieThe Iowa Caucus results are in. Bernie Sanders, who identifies himself a socialist and calls for a “political revolution against the billionaire class,” was defeated by Hillary Clinton by a mere 0.3%—far less than the statistical margin of error. One year ago, Clinton was set to cruise unopposed to the Democratic Party nomination. Sanders was portrayed as an irrelevant protest candidate and trailed her by 50 points.