Letters: Re: Mercenaries in Iraq

In this brief letter, Joe shows his interest in a previous SA article on contractors in Iraq and explains why mercenaries cannot be controlled like a regular army.

Letters: The War, Prisons, and the Economy

In this letter, Bud Deraps makes note of the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) joining with the Military Industrial Complex (PIC), making huge profits in the process.  The increasing number of private prisons, laws made to fill them up more easily, and corporate interest in prison labor are noted as well.

Letters: UAW Dissidents Stand Up

In this letter, Chris Ryan explains the role of dissidents in the past, noting how their sacrifices have brought gains.  He notes that there are those called dissidents that opposed the new Chrysler contract, and that these dissidents and other workers must unite to overcome the failures that a are a product of workers' disunity.

Letter from New York

In this letter, TT describes his background and his interest in the WIL.