The United Nations: a Tool of Imperialism

UNTanksAt the 2015 British Labour Party conference, shortly after Jeremy Corbyn’s victory as party leader, Labour members voted in favor of a motion from Unite (Britain's biggest union) to only support air strikes on Syria if they have United Nations (UN) backing. More recently, in the House of Commons vote to authorize this bombing, in the absence of UN support, Diane Abbott, a key Corbyn ally and Labour left-winger, urged caution, saying that “if some MPs are intent on military action, surely their first step should be to pressure Cameron to obtain some kind of UN resolution?”

Five Years On: What Happened to the Arab Revolution?

21-11-2011 tahrir square egyptFive years ago, without any organization, program, plan, or preparation, the Arab masses, in the words of Marx, stormed heaven.  They brought down, in a matter of weeks, what had seemingly not moved an inch in decades of petitioning by NGOs and academic do-gooders. The colossal state apparatus, employing hundreds of thousands of spies, police officers, and army personnel, could only watch as the masses took over the streets.

2016: A World on Edge“Out with the Old. In with the New.” That was always the encouraging message of New Year. But amidst all the parties and the popping of champagne bottles, there was no sign of any optimism or hope for the future on the part of the ruling class and its strategists. On the contrary, the columns of the bourgeois press are filled with pessimism and foreboding.

Massive Public Sector Strike Rocks Quebec

strikeOn Wednesday December 9th, over 400,000 public sector workers organized in the Common Front staged a massive 24-hour strike. All over the province, public buildings were shut down by picketers and mass demonstrations were held. Jacques Letourneau, the president of the CSN called this the biggest public sector strike since the revolutionary general strike of 1972. He stated that “There were 210,000 on strike at the same time then and today there are more than 400,000.” The working class is flexing its muscles in Quebec, posing a real challenge to the austerity agenda of the Couillard government.

Venezuela: Counterrevolution Wins Election

maduroLate into the night on December 6, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council announced provisional but conclusive results for the parliamentary election. The counterrevolutionary opposition MUD had won 99 seats to the Bolivarian PSUV’s 46, with another 22 remaining to be allocated. This is a serious setback, and it is our duty to analyze the reasons and explain the likely consequences.