The Meaning of Donald Trump

On Wednesday, November 9, the “free world” woke up to find it had a new leader. Donald J. Trump had been elected the 45th president of the United States of America. The shock waves immediately spread across the world at this news, which contradicted all the confident expectations of the polls.

The Ceasefire in Syria: What Does It Mean?

syria-the-good-old-cold-war-gameAs of sunset yesterday a new major ceasefire has been agreed in Syria. But what does it mean for Syria, the Middle East, and world relations? 

“Saint” Teresa of Calcutta: A Fanatical Stooge of the Ruling Class

saint theresaMother Teresa (1910–97) has been beatified by Pope Francis I, after a series of miracles (where the role of modern medicine was conveniently swept under the rug) were fished out from her lifelong record running clinics for the poor in India. These years of crisis and revolution have been a lean period for the Catholic Church, which is forced to churn out saints to maintain its appeal.


Brazil: After Impeachment, What are the Prospects?

DilmaBy 61 votes to 20, the rotten Brazilian Senate has approved the impeachment of Dilma and, consequently, her definitive removal from office. This is the final chapter in a process which was started in December 2015 by the former President of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha.