Capitalism’s Best Isn’t Good Enough

Unemployment Line“Please wake me up when the recession is over.” This sentiment, expressed on a T-shirt, sums up the mood of many American workers. They are anxious for what they assume to be a temporary disruption in the “normal” course of their lives to be over. Unfortunately, this is the new “American Dream,” a living nightmare of stress and constant insecurity, of unemployment and homelessness. Month after month we are told that the economy is getting better, and yet the jobs have yet to materialize.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 55

We Won’t Pay for the Bosses’ Crisis

Barack ObamaOnly a year after the elation that followed his victory, the general consensus is that Barack Obama hasn’t actually done very much; other than continue his predecessor’s policies in one form or another. He has certainly not delivered on the “hope and change” he promised. For many, “hope and change” meant, quite simply, “jobs.” We have seen where things stand on that count...How much longer will workers and young people have to pay for the bosses’ crisis?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 53

One Year Later: Where's the Change?

ObamaAfter just one year of the Obama administration, the sincere hopes for real change that energized and inspired millions in the 2008 elections have been dashed. As we explained in the months leading up to the election, and on election night itself, this was inevitable. For all his charm, lofty words and apparent sincerity, Obama was elected to represent the interests of Big Business, and when push comes to shove, he will always come down on the side of the capitalists.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 52

“Death by a Thousand (Budget) Cuts”

Job protestThe American Dream has been whittled away over the last few decades. A small health care premium increase here. A smaller wage increase there. A 401k instead of a traditional pension. Fewer days of paid sick leave.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 61

A Class-Struggle Budget

American Dream is OverFor several decades after World War II, if you worked hard, you had a pretty good chance at “getting ahead.” The system could afford a few concessions, wage increases, retirement and health care benefits for a significant portion of society. But capitalism has hit a brick wall. The American Dream, which had a material, economic base, is over. We were told that a 1929-style crisis couldn’t happen again. We saw what happened in the last few years.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 60