How to Beat the 1%

occ2Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 69 - One year ago, Occupy Wall Street burst into the public consciousness. Similar actions had been tried just months earlier, but failed to take root. Up until its second week, OWS itself seemed to be yet another localized action that would fail to make a real splash. But when images of the NYPD’s netting and pepper spraying of a number of Occupy protesters found their way onto televisions and Facebook feeds across the country, the “straw broke the camel’s back.”

Quality Jobs for All Now!

robama1We’ve now entered the long, hot summer of the 2012 electoral campaign farce. Both Democrats and Republicans are positioning themselves for the last leg of the political marathon, kicking clouds of dust in the faces of the American workers as they go. Mitt Romney is like Scott Walker on steroids, an unapologetic gangster capitalist raising record amounts of money from the 1% of the 1%. But is Obama fundamentally different? He represents the same corporate interests and is financed by virtually the same sources—Wall Street is an expert at hedging its bets. No matter who sits in the White House, big business is the winner. Ever thus under capitalism.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 68

No Choice for Workers?

Here we go again. Four more years have passed since the last presidential election cycle, and once again, organized labor finds itself with no real options. It is clear that if he were elected president, Mitt Romney would unleash an all-out “Scott Walker on steroids” assault on the working class. But does that mean workers have no option but to vote for the Democrats? Are “political and economic death by hanging” or “political and economic death by drowning” really the only options?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 67

"It Can't Happen Here"

Wisconsin FistFor the past twelve months, the spirit of revolt and revolution has swept the planet. One Arab dictator after another has fallen. The world has watched as hundreds of thousands “fought like an Egyptian” in Wisconsin. The European masses have protested by the millions against the most vicious austerity in decades. The Occupy movement channeled the frustration of a generation and sparked the imagination of millions. Nonetheless, capitalism continues to dominate the planet. The initial revolutionary wave has failed to topple every despot or to stop the avalanche of austerity. Some may wonder whether the revolutionary moment has come and gone, to be followed by another thirty years of bleak despair. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 66


The Revenge of History

Karl Marx“Marx was right!” For Marxists, this is not a particularly profound revelation. We have long known that the German revolutionary’s analysis of capitalism was as fundamentally sound as the capitalist system itself is fundamentally unsound. But let’s face it: for decades, we’ve been in a small minority, fighting against the stream and against the odds. After spending a long time in the “wilderness,” that is beginning to change. The fact that the more serious capitalist economists are forced to admit the correctness of ideas they once ridiculed is an important symptom of a transformation in public consciousness.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 65