The Pressure is Building

fastfoodworkersiamEditorial for Issue #76 - In one country after another, crisis, protests, war, revolution, and counterrevolution are raging. Here in the United States, however, it may seem to some that “nothing is happening.” But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Slowly but surely—though not linearly—the economic, political, social, and psychological tensions continue to build.

The Roar of Revolution

tahrir2013Editorial for Issue #75 -As we discussed the cover and contents for this issue of Socialist Appeal, the focus changed rapidly from the NSA and Edward Snowden, to the uprising in Turkey, to the mass protests in Brazil, and finally settled on the magnificent and riveting revival of the Egyptian revolution. This is a graphic illustration of the times we live in: an epoch of war, revolution, counterrevolution, crisis, and instability. From one day to the next, like a “lightning bolt from a clear blue sky,” dramatic events can shake the world and galvanize workers’ attention. But with the grinding crisis of capitalism as a backdrop, these events should surprise no one. They are part and parcel of one and the same process: the process of the world socialist revolution.

Capitalism: "Horror Without End"

texasexplosionEditorial for issue #74 - The stream of distressing news seems to flow endlessly: School shootings from Colorado to Connecticut. Factory collapses and explosions from Bangladesh to Texas. Terrorist attacks from Pakistan to Boston. Crumbling infrastructure from Mexico City to Minneapolis. Kidnappings and torture from Ciudad Juarez to Cleveland. War and civil war from Syria to Somalia. Mass unemployment from Greece to California. What is at the root of this seemingly unstoppable wave of human misery, uncertainty, and chaos? What can the working majority of society do about it?

"Is Capitalism Dying?"

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 72 - This was the pointed question posed in a recent article on the website of Forbes, the proud and unapologetic mouthpiece of capitalism. The very fact that the question of capitalism’s viability is being presented in this way in a publication like  Forbes indicates that even some of its most ardent defenders are having some second thoughts.

Election 2012: Choice? What Choice?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 70 - It is hard to believe that nearly four years have already passed since the election of Barack Obama. The streets were filled with honking cars, waving flags, and shouts of excitement. Tears of unbridled joy and relief streamed down the faces of many. After eight long years of Bush, change had come at last! Or had it? As the months—and the crisis—wore on, it became increasingly clear that in all essentials, Obama’s presidency was more like Bush 2.0 than a new dawn of peace and prosperity.