A Review of “Supporting Caste”

Supporting CasteFor the uninitiated, Propagandhi is one of the most outspoken political bands in North America.  Beginning with 1993’s “How to Clean Everything”, Propagandhi was loud, fast and vocal.  While there were many changes in members, tone and style since then, these three things have remained a constant. The Winnipeg, Manitoba ensemble has reinvented itself with every album; from the poppier “Less Talk, More Rock;” the more hardcore “Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes;” all the way to the prog-punk “Potemkin City Limits.”

“The Wire” and the American Nightmare

The WireThis article reviews the TV series, The Wire and points out how well the series does to depict a capitalist society in decay.

Utah Phillips: Golden Voice of the Great Southwest

Utah PhillipsBorn in Cleveland, Ohio, he [Utah Phillips] grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where he spent many years of his life, always having a love-hate relationship with his adopted state.  It was here he met Ammon Hennacy, a Catholic fellow Wobbly who founded the Joe Hill House. Utah was a long-standing member of the Industrial Workers of the World. He spent many years working with both the IWW and at the Joe Hill House with Ammon. Utah Phillips spent his life defending the rights of the working man, the homeless and the indigent and also had a lifelong passion for trains and hobos.