In every country on earth, working people face the same conditions: attacks on wages and benefits, speedups, layoffs, broken contracts, sell-outs, and an all around lack of respect by the bosses.  The Soldiers of Solidarity, initiated by rank and file members of the United Auto Workers, are saying: "Enough is Enough!" Their struggle to organize against these attacks has inspired working people internationally.  We call on all workers in the U.S. and around the world, organized and unorganized, as well as the youth - the workers of tomorrow - to support their efforts 100 percent.  Their fight has important implications for the whole of the American labor movement.  
No more concessions!  All support to the Soldiers of Solidarity! You are not alone: your struggle is our struggle!

We invite you to join this international campaign of support for the Soldiers of Solidarity.
Please send your messages to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information please visit:

See below a selection of messages that have arrived from around the world. More to be added soon!
(please contact us if you can help us translate messages from Spanish to English).


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
we heard about your brave industrial action in the US car industry. Here in Austria we are faced with the same attacks towards the youth and the working class. The bosses try to cut pensions, benefits and wages while they gain bigger profits every year. In our fight against this attacks we can´t rely on the government, the "morale" of any "good" boss or someone else. Our only ally is the international working class.
So we know very well how important your fight is. We fight on the same front, comrades!
We send you the biggest solidarty greetings and want to let you know that you have allies in Austria.

  • Lukas Riepler, Chairman of the Socialist Youth of Vorarlberg (in Austria) and member of the federal executive committee of the Socialist Youth of Austria


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Dear Soldiers Of Solidarity,

It is heartening to hear of your fight against the GM-Delphi management. The true American spirit of solidarity, and standing up for what is right, is found in the American working class. You are right in drawing a line in the sand now, as any further compromises will only lead management to take more in the future. What is at stake is not just your livelihoods, but the right of working people everywhere to stand up and defend their interests. We will do everything possible to raise solidarity with you in the Canadian labour movement. There is no force on earth more powerful than working people united in struggle. Never forget that we are with you and you are not alone.

Yours In Solidarity,

Alex Grant
Fightback (, Editorial Board Member
Past President, Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 2278

Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,
I have recently heard of your struggle against the GM-Delphi management. I am writing this to show my support and to assure you that we shall do whatever we can to unite Canadian labour forces to stand in solidarity with you in your fight. I wish your cause well and remind you that you have friends in Canada who are standing with you! Don't give up, and do not settle for some petty compromise!

Yours in Solidarity,
Joel Bergman
Fightback (, Member

Comrades of the SoS,

The struggle that you are currently undertaking is of the utmost importance to the American labor movement. For too long, the bosses have attacked the workers, and the union leaders have rolled over. They call it "co-operation".  The same way a chicken co-operates with the farmer who is about to cut its head off. The bosses are not out to give workers a fair deal, that's not the way the system works. Their out for profit and they will do anything to ensure they get as much as possible. The only thing left to do is to fight. Not fight for concessions, or hand outs, or things that will keep us complacent, but fight to win. Workers built everything, the factory, the machines, the products, even the bosses' fancy offices and mansions. We did all that, not them, and yet they can attack us because a piece of paper says they "own" all of those things. But I know one thing, the strength of solidarity is far stronger than any flimsy piece of paper.

In Solidarity,
Julian Benson
Federal Councilor
New Democratic Party of Canada

Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,
I support your courage and determination to fight for better rights for
workers. Your voices will be heard, and please know that many people support
your struggle.
In international solidarity,
Jennie Ernewein
Ontario NDP Youth

Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,

I have heard about your fight against the GM-Delphi management, and I urge you to continue this fight in order to achieve victory.  Maintain the
struggle, and stand up for what is right!  You are not alone, as the working class around the world stands behind you.  And we, in Canada, will do
everything to help your struggle, and educate people about your struggle. Keep fighting!

Yours in Solidarity,

Cora James
Member of Fightback (

Militant Greetings to our brothers and sisters who are organizing and mobilizing in the UAW!
The attacks and planned closures coming from GM are also having a devastating effect Canadian workers.  But there are many recent examples of militant action - with the strike of the transit workers in New York, the recent victory of the workers who occupied the Port Alice Mill on Vancouver Island, and most inspiring, the nationalizations under workers' control in Venezuela!  There is nothing that can stop the force of the working class when they are united and unapologetic.

Keep up the Fight!
We are behind you 100%!
In Solidarity,
Miriam Martin
Labour Activist
Vancouver, Canada

To the Sisters and Brothers of Soldiers of Solidarity,

I am writing to express my sincerest support and solidarity for your cause.  The attacks from the bosses’ in the auto sector are attacks on the working class of the entire world.  In Canada, we are seeing similar demands for concessions in the auto industry and the manufacturing industry in general.  It is the duty of all trade unionists to stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers in every battle that history forces upon us.  Only militant democratic trade unionism can mobilize the rank and file to beat the bosses.  Your struggle is our struggle.  Your fight is our fight.  We are with you.

 In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
Vancouver Labour Activist
BC Young New Democrats member

Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,   I wish to send you my message of solidarity in your courageous fight against the GM-Delphi management.  In Ontario, we too have seen the devastating loss of jobs for workers at the GM and Ford plants.  You are an inspiration for all workers who are being attacked by the bosses, and are giving these workers the courage and knowledge that they can fight for their rights!  We hope that the example that you have set will spread across the border.  For a united working class of the Americas!   In solidarity,
Camilo Cahis Member of Fightback ( Member of Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903

Keep up the excellent work in the fight for working people. You are an inspiration to all workers here in Canada, and around the world.   In Solidarity - Dave


In the first line i apologize for the grammatic errors that will occur in this e-mail.
In the second line i send u a greeting from the Socialist Party of Croatia and the Club of the left youth.
I send you this e-mail in hope that our support will help you in your fight againt unjustice. We are very happy that there are some people in the united states that are not proud of his homeland and are not supporting the imperialistic and neo-fascis politics of the american president. In the mind of the internationale socialism and the internationale fight for social equality we hope that we contact in the future and when possible from both sides to meet each other.
I really hope that u can understand this mail :) and the we can co-operate.

With regards:
Socijalist Party of Croatia
The Club of the left Youth
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To the comrades from Soldiers of Solidarity

We have been informed by the Workers International League about your struggle. Your struggle against sellouts and attacks from the bosses is an example to be followed by workers of the entire world. In Denmark too we know of constant attacks on our wages, security, jobs and pensions. The bosses cry crocodile tears about how sorry they are about firing us or cutting down on the wages, and they try to hide that their profits have never been as big as now.

In Denmark we have a strong union movement organizing 90% of the workforce. But our leaders have forgotten all about their time at the shop floor. They tell us we should accept the cuts and be responsible. But this means lover wages, longer working days, unemployment and cuts in pensions.

Your struggle is also our struggle. Your struggle leads the way for all workers, in USA, Europe and the rest of the world. It’s about time we begin to fight back. Good luck!

Stop cuts on workers – cut the bosses profits instead!

Long live the Soldiers of Solidarity!
Long live the international solidarity of the workers of the world!

The union committee of the Danish paper Socialist Standpoint
  • Jonas Foldager - Member of the Metal Union, Lyngby Apprentice Committee
  • Joannes Stykki - Shop steward, member of the Postal Workers Union Copenhagen
  • Lasse Bertelsen - Member of the Painters Union Copenhagen
  • Kasper Siegismund - Member of the Postal Workers Union, Copenhagen
  • Frederik Ohsten - Member of the Union of Journalists
  • Jeppe Druedahl - Member of the Postal Workers Union, Roskilde
  • Jeppe Krommes Ravnsbøld - Member of the Public Workers Union, Roskilde
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Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,
Many workers here in France have been following the struggle of the workers in car industry in the USA with great interest. The TV and the national press have given little or no information about this struggle, which we first heard about thanks to the information published by "Socialist Appeal". We read the inspiring article you published by Gregg Shotwell. Could you please express our warmest fraternal greetings to Gregg and to all the workers involved in this movement and in "Soldiers of Solidarity". We consider that their fight is an important part of the worldwide struggle for the defense of ordinary working people against the greed of the big corporations. We undertake to bring the action of these workers to the attention of the widest possible number of people here in France.
In international solidarity,
  • Hubert Prévaud, Trade Union Representative, Airbus Industries, Toulouse (Haute Garonne). 
  • Pascal Plantevin, Trade Union Representative, building industry, Toulon (Var).
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Dear American colleagues,
We have informed about your excellent strugle from our brothers of WIL ("Socialist Appeal"). We congratulate you! You follow the only road for the American working class, the road of the just strugle for the defence of the working rights against the babarism of capitalism.


-Long live the American working movement!
- Long live the marvelous struggle of the"Soldiers of solidarity".
  • Stelios Mataragas - President of the Bankworkers Union in Kefalonia
  • Theodoros Chalvatzis - Unionist of the Coca-Cola workers in Athens.

Dear American brothers,
We have been informed from our comrades of "Socialist Appeal" (Workers Internationalist League) about your systimatik attempt to defend the working class
interests in USA.

We are convinced that the role of the American working class is a key role to the general International strugle  against the capitalistic exploitation.

Here in Greece we are proud of you brothers! We will inform the Greek working movement about your marvelous action in the American society. We are together, Greek and American workers, one heart, one soul, one voice against the bosses of this unjust capitalistic world.

With solidarity feelings and respect,
  • Dionissios Polatos - ex Vice President of the electricians of the Sheapyeard beld of Pireus
  • Vagelis Katsoridas - Member of ESIEA (Union of the Greek Journalists)
  • Giorgos Ortagoglou - Unionist of the Municipal workers of Athens
  • Stamatis Karayannopoulos - Unionist of the Public Company of Electricity (DEY)
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Dear comrades,
We have read about you from the Socialist Appeal website we are enthused by your initiative and we totally support your struggle to reclaim the unions.
the working class has no borders, as Karl Marx said 160 years ago. We are confident that through bitter experiences and defeat, we are going to win the final battle, the one for the emancipation of the human kind.
Yours in solidarity, 
  • Paolo Brini, central committee Fiom Cgil (metal workers union)
  • Beppe Lania, regional commitee Filcams Cgil (Shop assistants' union)
  • Orlando Maviglia, regional committee Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
  • Davide Bacchelli, provincial committee Fiom Cgil, Bologna
  • Giampiero Montanari, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil
  • Ivan Serra, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil, Bologna
  • Domenico Minadeo, chemical shopsteward, Filcea Cgil Imola
  • Fabrizio Parlagreco, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
  • Nunzio Vurchio, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
  • Massimo Cavallotti, services shopsteward Filmcams Cgil Milano
  • Samira Giulitti, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
  • Sara Cimarelli, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
  • Laura Parozzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
  • Antonio Forlano, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
  • Pino Marazzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
  • Laura Bassanetti, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
  • Silvia Ruggieri call center shopsteward Nidil Cgil Roma
  • Stefano Pol, national committee, Nidil Cgil
  • Paolo Grassi, provincial committee, Nidil Cgil, Milano
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Dear soldiers of solidarity:

    We admire your braveness and determination to fight this hard battle, the only things we want to tell you is that you are not alone, and that the union of all the working class forces is the only effective way of turning this battle into a victory.

    Here in Mexico and worldwide, your fight is ours too!

    Don't give up!

    Rodrigo Aguilar and Juan Olguin, trade unionists of the Metropolitan University of Mexico  

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Dear comrades of Soldiers of Solidarity,

We in Pakistan are trilled and inspired by the formation of your organization in the U.S. We firmly believe that the U.S. proletariat is one of the strongest and vanguard of the world revolution. If you can give the toiling workers of the U.S a revolutionary way out and organize them as a militant force it significance would not be just for the U.S. but for the toiling masses around the world. We congratulate you on this historic initiative and offer our fullest support and solidarity in your struggle against capitalist exploitation and tyranny. Your struggle is our struggle. An injury to one is an injury to all!

With revolutionary greetings!

Yours fraternally,

  • Manzoor Ahmed (Member National Assembly of Pakistan and President Trade Union Defense Campaign)
  • Zulfiqar Ali Gondal (Member National Assembly of Pakistan)
  • Kabir Khan (Central Information Secretary Telecommunications Union)
  • Mohammad Irshad (Leading Trade Unionist of the Electric and Water Workers Union)
  • Nasrren Taj (Leader of the Women Teachers Association in Balochistan)
  • Nazar mengal (Leader of Postal Workers Union, Balochistan)
  • Parshutum Das ( General Secretary Hospital Workers Union, Sindh)
  • Ali Akbar (Divisional President of  Telecommunications Workers Union South Punjab)
  • Sheikh Majeed (Leader of Peoples Unity of Pakistan International Airlines Workers Union )
  • Amin Jamali (Leader of Teachers Association Sindh)
  • Hashmat lodhi (President of Okara Labour Organization, Punjab)
  • Munir Ahmed (President Lawyers Bar Association Kasur, Punjab)
  • Abbas Taj (President Artist and Painters Union Sadiqabad, Punjab)
  • Nazar Shah (President Murree Brewery Workers Union Rawalpindi, Punjab)
  • Hardil Kumar (President Shoe Makers association Karachi, Sindh)
  • Mushtaq Meo (Deputy General secretary Railway Mehnatkash Union Sukkur Division , Sindh)
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Dear Soldiers of Solidarity,

We are sorry of the fact that the myth of the USA being the land of opportunities (which is still popular in our country) appears to be false on every step. But we are also extremely glad to hear that there is a part of a working class that struggles for their rights, giving the example to the working people of the whole world and showing them there is nothing to do but fight since the workers are treated the same everywhere and it is in their hands to change it. We solidarize with you deeply.

Yours fraternally,

The editorial board of the Polish internet Marxist site Back to Top


We, the Portuguese Section of the International Workers Association (IWA), express our full solidarity with the US autoworkers that are fighting to keep their jobs, their pensions and other working
conditions. We hope that you will fulfill your demands and that it will contribute to devellop your self-organised and independent class organization. Solidarity with the US autoworkers!

On behalf of the IWA-Portuguese Section,
António Carlos Mota (Secretary)

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Dear comrades:

We knew about your problems and your struggle by reading the Spanish Marxist paper "El Militante". We are shipbuilding workers in Ferrol, the main city in a
shipbuilding area in northwest Spain. More than 4.000 people work in the shipyard Navantia (formerly Izar), the largest shipyard in Spain. There were
14.000 shipbuilding workers fifteen years ago. Thousands of jobs have been lost forever. We are militant tradeunionists of CC.OO. (Workers
Commissions), the largest Spanish union.  

You and us, and the workers all over the world, are facing the same attacks: casual jobs, lower wages, benefits cuts, redundancies, closures, etc. Once
again it is clear than the struggle is the only way for defend our interests because if you don’t fight, you always lose. But the working class must
organise and fight at the same level than the bosses. So, the workers need strengthen our international links in order to stop the bosses's offensive
and get our socialist goal. Keep the fight on.

Yours in solidarity,
  • Xaquín García, Javier Losada, Carmen Sixto and Vicente Ferrer -Members of the Executive Commitee of CC.OO. branch in Navantia-Ferrol

Compañeros de Soldados de la Solidaridad,
Desde el Sindicato de Estudiantes de Catalunya recibid nuestro más caluroso y compañero saludo y ánimo para que vuestra legítima lucha por unas condiciones de trabajo dignas llegue a buen puerto, acabe en una victoria frente a la extorsión y chantaje de la patronal.
En Barcelona hemos asistido a un proceso de ataques a los trabajadores por parte de los empresarios, y en concreto en el sector del automóvil. En Seat, de la multinacional volkswagen, han despedido a más de 600 trabajadores simplemente para poder sacar más beneficios a costa de los trabajadores. Los ataques de los capitalistas contra los trabajadores son internacionales. La lucha de los trabajadores también lo  debe ser. La única herramienta que poseemos para vencer es la lucha organizada y consciente a nivel mundial.
Vamos a hacer todo lo posible para extender el conocimiento de vuestro conflicto y la solidaridad con vuestra lucha en los centros de estudio y en las empresas que podamos, confiando en que podremos aportar nuestro grano de arena a vuestra victoria.
Recibid un saludo combativo
Sindicato de Estudiantes de Catalunya (España) [Spanish Students' Union of the Spanish Province of Catalonia]

Compañeros de Soldados de la Solidaridad,
Los ataques de las grandes compañias contra nuestras condiciones de trabajo, contra nuestros puestos de trabajo, contra nuestros sueldos, que son el pan de nuestras familias, no cesan. Un sector tras otro, una empresa tras otra, los trabajadores de los paises "desarrollados" comprobamos como se acumulan grandes beneficios a costa de drasticas reducciones de empleo, de reducciones salariales salvajes y de recortes en las prestaciones sanitarias y en las pensiones.
Por eso, todo nuestro apoyo y solidaridad a los Soldados de la Solidaridad de Delphi y a los trabajadores de EEUU en lucha por sus condiciones de vida y de trabajo. Vuestra lucha es nuestra lucha. ¡Unidos, Venceremos!
  • Lluis Perarnau - Seccion sindical UGT, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 
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To the Soldiers of Solidarity:

I write to you to express my solidarity with your struggle. You are setting an example to other trade unions across the world. I wish you the best of luck.


Martin Lööf
Member Kommunal (Public Sector union)
Member Left Party
Gothenburg, Sweden

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United Kingdom:

Hi Gregg,   I've just read your article published by   I'd like to send you and your workmates warm fraternal from retired British engineering worker.  I've seen reports on TV about your dispute and thought, "There's more to this than meets the eye!"   Sometimes British workers have a one sided view of the USA, gained from TV.   To see the real American people, the working men and women, taking on the power of big business is very heartening.   When I was first involved in trade union work I always heard the old line that I was "old fashioned".  We were told by our "leaders" that the US, Japanese and German workers were "modern".  They didn't get into fights with the bosses they did deals with them.  As a result they had job security, pensions, sickness benefits, etc.  Now we see that when business is making huge profits you can have some crumbs.  But as soon as the profits drop a little they steal all the "benefits" from us.  I was involved in the London "Times" strike in 1986 \nagainst Rupert Murdoch. We lost that strike because our leaders \nrefused to extend the dispute to the whole of the printing industry. They \nran away from the fight. It reminded me of the old story of man who was being \ndragged along by a crowd of workers. A bystander asked him who he was. "I \nam their leader" he replied. I guess you lads know that us workers can only \nrely on each other. It\' "their" system that\'s the problem. \nThere is not a lot I can do but you should know that the vast majority of \nBritish workers will support you when they know about your fight.\n \nYours in brotherhood and solidarity. Jim Brookshaw   I was involved in the London "Times" strike in 1986 against Rupert Murdoch.  We lost that strike because our leaders refused to extend the dispute to the whole of the printing industry.  They ran away from the fight. It reminded me of the old story of man who was being dragged along by a crowd of workers.  A bystander asked him who he was. "I am their leader" he replied. I guess you lads know that us workers can only rely on each other.  It' "their" system that's  the problem.  There is not a lot I can do but you should know that the vast majority of British workers will support you when they know about your fight.   Yours in brotherhood and solidarity,   Jim Brookshaw

Tremendous development guys!  At last a real attempt to build something for workers in America.  To hell with the Reps and Dems, they can never be trusted!    A defensive battle at the moment but now for the need to go on the offensive and create your own social demands!  The call for a party of American Labor needs to be heard.  A real party that represents the interests and aspirations of ordinary workers.   We in the British Trade Unions salute your soldiers of labor in your fight against our common enemy the capitalist class.   From Steve Brown, sec: Wansbeck and Castle Morpeth Trades Council. Personal Capacity

We the Glasgow Branch 40 of the GMB Union Send a messages of support to the Soldiers of Solidarity to militant rank and file in the UAW, the US autoworkers' union and the TWU workers in New York for their militant strike.
Comradely, Kenny Brown


Please pass on my support and solidarity to the activists of Soldiers for Solidarity. As always, your struggle is our struggle and I would like to wish you
all the best.

Steve Jones
London Central Branch National Union of Journalists
(In pers cap)

I'm Secretary of 1/888 truck drivers branch of the T&GWU. We are based in Brighton, Sussex but include truck drivers from Bulgaria.
As a Delegate to our T&G Bi-Annual Delegate Conference I was impressed by a talk from Andy Stern, I am interested in struggles opening up in the USA.
Our Branch is part of an international group of Truck Drivers from Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Rep of Ireland, our grouping is called "the Baltic Project". See info on our Branch website at
1/888 (I think it would be called 1/888 local in the USA?) Branch is affiliated to the Hands off Venezuela Campaign, not long ago I attended a HOV meeting in London and will always remember and agree with Tony Benn when he said that if he woke up in the Morning feeling depressed he thought of what was developing in Venezuela and that cheered him up, totally agree with him on this.
I'll put this on our website, please feel free to leave messages or comment.
We have  along way to go in organising truck drivers in the UK, we will only do this if we listen and learn from the struggles of other workers whether in the USA, Venezuela or anywhere.
Solidarity and greetings from transport workers in the UK
Rachael Webb
Branch Secretary 1888 T&G

Dear Comrades,

I have been asked by Peterborough Trade Union Council to write to you expressing our support and encouragement of the Soldiers of Solidarity in their efforts to build a class-conscious, democratic and fighting trade union movement.

At our most recent meeting we discussed the US labour movement and we know that the heroic history of the US workers and their trade unions is often kept secret, even from the American people. We applaud our fellow class fighters in working to overcome this. We are confident of their ultimate victory and pledge ourselves to do whatever we can to aid them in their struggle.

Comradely best wishes,

PeterboroughTrade Union Council




Ron Graves
Peterborough Trade Union Council


Some helpful words from Marx & Trotsky:
Will Roche
Socialist Appeal, Hands Off Venezuela, BECTU Union.
London, UK

"The only social power of the workmen in their number.
The force of numbers, however, is broken by disunion.
The disunion of the workmen is created and perpetuated
by their unavoidable competition among themselves."

"They must now learn to act deliberately as organizing centers
of the working class in the broad interest of its complete emancipation.
They must aid every social and political movement tending in that direction.
Considering themselves and acting as the champions and representatives
of the whole working class, they cannot fail to enlist the unorganized men
into their ranks."

(MARX - Trade Unions: Their past, present, and future)

"He fights uncompromisingly against any attempt to subordinate the unions to the
bourgeois state... Only on the basis of such work within the trade unions is successful
struggle possible against the reformists and the bureaucrats. Sectarian attempts to
build or preserve small 'revolutionary' unions as a second edition of the party,
signify in actuality the renouncing of the struggle for leadership of the working class."

(TROTSKY - Trade Unions in the Transitional Epoch)

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Our sisters and brothers,

 We warmly salute your fight against capitalists. As internationalist workers we have always believed the decisive importance of the struggle of workers in advanced capitalist countries, especially in the USA. US capitalism is the headquarter of world capitalism and without the struggle of US workers it is not possible for the workers of the world to get rid of this bloody capitalism which is the main source of all evils we face. We hope your struggle will be a spark for greater struggles of future.

The two most important days of celebration in Turkish working class movement are Mayday and Working Women’s Day which both have their roots in US working class movement. Militant sections of Turkish working class know very well about the history of these days and they also know about the fighting traditions of US working class. We know Sacco and Vanzetti, we know Mother Jones and all the rest of it.

We support your struggle and embrace you as your class brothers and sisters fighting for the common cause in Turkey.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live international solidarity of workers!

Workers of all countries, unite!

A group of workers from various industries (metal, textile, bureau, health, education), who are supporters of the Turkish Marxist web site Marksist Tutum (

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We invite you to join the campaign of support for the Soldiers of Solidarity.
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