Hands Off Our Pensions!

In the aftermath of the Enron scandal, Bush Jr. stated that, "One of the things we’re deeply concerned about is that there has been a wave of bankruptcies that have caused many workers to lose their pensions, and that’s deeply troubling me." Bush’s sorrow for the misfortune of workers hasn’t been enough of an inspiration to keep him from proposing measures which would eliminate the liability of employers in age-discrimination lawsuits brought on by the transition to "cash-balance" pension plans, a process which will affect far more working people than the collapse of Enron.

Power to the People!

The recent blackout on the East coast highlights the inability of the capitalist class to provide even the most basic services in the heart of imperialism.

Events, Events, Events...

The pace of events continues to accelerate. You can feel it in the air - there is a rumbling beneath the surface of American society, and it is clear that sooner rather than later, all the pent up pressure and frustration will burst onto the surface.

The Death of a City

History has made it clear: the capitalist elite seems most happy while the masses suffer. Things that are detrimental to the lives of the working majority go to the financial benefit of the ruling few. Things such as war, pollution, price gouging, unemployment and natural disasters are beneficial to them; while slowly killing working people and the environment. The war in Iraq has made unbelievable profits for the oil and construction industries. Every dioxin molecule and greenhouse gas in the depleting atmosphere is a penny saved for the industrial capitalists. It is no surprise then, that the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina have become a beacon for capitalist greed and exploitation.

Health Care Woes

It is no secret that we live in an age where the average working person has two things constantly looming over them. Those two omnipresent worries are to maintain a steady paycheck and to maintain one's health to keep oneself in a condition to get that paycheck. So, it is no surprise that the new Medicare drug benefit fiasco has the older generation of the U.S. working class worried - very worried.