• How to Fight Austerity and Win

    In a world bleak with news of ISIS, Boko Haram, and the never-ending murders of unarmed black men by the police, Europe offers more than a glimmer of excitement and genuine hope. The rise of both Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain has electrified the world. Read More +
  • The Extent of the Concessions Forced on Greece by the Troika

    The letter from the Greek government to the Eurogroup detailing the measures it is committing itself to implement as part of the agreement reached on Friday reveals the extent of the retreat from Syriza’s program. This has caused an uproar of opposition within the party. Read More +
  • Proletarian Culture and Proletarian Art

    For our March 2015 organization-wide reading we are republishing "Proletarian Culture and Proletarian Art," a chapter from "Literature and Revolution" by Leon Trotsky. Read More +
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