• Bernie: Build a Mass Socialist Party of the Working Class!

    Bernie Sanders is at a critical moment in history. Because he was an independent Senator, the only one of 100 to identify as a socialist, he was able to fill the gaping vacuum on the left of American politics, and ended up channelling the aspirations of the advanced layers of the working class. At this moment, he could single-handedly turn US politics upside down by transforming his campaign into a new party. Read More +
  • Perspectives for the US Revolution 2016

    The following is the US perspectives document, outlining the main economic, social, and political developments in the United States over the past period and laying out perspectives for the class struggle in the coming period. Read More +
  • The 2016 Presidential Election

    For ease of navigation, we have compiled our articles covering the 2016 Presidential Election into one place and will update this as our coverage continues. Read More +
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