A Turning Point for the Forces of the IMT in the US: National Congress 2016

Just two decades before successfully leading the working class to power and beginning the socialist transformation of society, the Marxists in Russia consisted of a small grouping – smaller than the current size of the IMT in the US today. Before the Bolsheviks could win the working class to the program of revolution, their task was to patiently build their forces and sink roots among the advanced layers of the class. The history of Bolshevism provides us with a rich arsenal of examples and experiences of small forces of Marxists transforming into mass revolutionary tendencies and gaining an ear among broad layers of the working class. Today, using the same basic methods, the forces of Marxism in the US and around the world face the same historical task.


IMT Gets National Center in New York City!

Following a hugely successful three-month campaign which received support from around the planet, the US section of the IMT is thrilled to announce that we have obtained offices in New York City. This is a tremendous victory for our organization and an important step for the growth of the forces of Marxism in the US. This achievement comes at a time when interest in the ideas of socialism and revolution have reached unprecedented levels in modern memory.