Perspectives for Class Struggle in Canada

fight capitalismAlthough we cannot predict exactly when events are going to happen, it is looking fairly certain that the relative calm of the past few years will not continue. In the relative short term, the instability and upheaval of the class struggle worldwide is likely to arrive here in Canada . . . Seven years after the financial crisis began, there is no hope in sight for the working class. Increasingly, the oppressed sectors of society are beginning to envision a future that does not include capitalism. The conditions that have given rise to this radical turn are now beginning to manifest themselves in Canada, and this country will not be immune to the wave that is sweeping the rest of the planet.

Perspectives for World Revolution (2014)

tahrir-sq-june30Below we publish the IMT’s analysis of the world situation. This document was discussed and passed at the IMT World Congress 2014. The congress also passed a series of amendmends to clarify certain aspects of the situation - none of these however, altered the fundamental points of the document. The amendments have been inserted in the present version of the document.

US Perspectives and Tasks 2012

This U.S. Perspectives document was passed by the 2012 National Congress of the Workers International Leagueon November 10th, 2012. If you agree with the broad outlines put forward in this document, contact us for more information on joining the WIL. Let’s work together to bring these ideas to more and more workers and youth and to fight for socialism!