Perspectives for the US Revolution 2017 (Draft Document)

The objective potential for socialism has never been greater, but the necessary ingredient—the subjective factor in the form of a revolutionary party—is still too weak. Far from being immune to this process, the United States is at the very heart of it. Once capitalism’s most important source of stability, the US is now the most destabilizing factor in world economic, political, and diplomatic relations. In these conditions, the US Marxists have a crucial role to play in ensuring the success of the world socialist revolution.

2016 California Marxist School: IMT Growing on the West Coast

CARS 2016 group photoOn the weekend of November 19–20, nearly 30 comrades gathered in Chico, California for the fourth annual Regional Marxist School - an important new milestone for the building of the IMT in the West Coast region.

Northeast Marxists Prepare for the Fight Against Trump

TTatNERSNearly seventy comrades and contacts converged on the National Center of the US Section of the IMT in Brooklyn, New York for the 2016 Northeast Regional Marxist School. Held just days after Donald Trump’s stunning election victory over Hillary Clinton, it was a standing-room-only crowd as comrades from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Louisville, KY, Toronto, Montreal, and London assembled for what proved to be a weekend of passionate political discussion. In addition, over 3,700 people from around the world tuned into the four sessions via live stream on Facebook. 


History and Lessons of the Militant Tendency—Part Two

MilitantPaperExpeltheToriesThe rise of the Corbyn movement and Momentum in Britain—along with recent comments by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, about Trotskyists and “entryism” in the Labour Party—have resulted in a renewed interest in the mainstream media about the history of the Militant: the Marxist tendency in the labor movement that became a household name in the 1970s and 80s as a result of its bold fight against Thatcher and the Tories.