• Trump’s First Week: Welcome to the New Normality

    It’s been a stormy week for America’s CEO: a flurry of calls and meetings, a whirlwind of Tweets and press conferences, a blizzard of executive orders flying off his desk. In just a few days, Trump has set his stamp on US and world politics, economics, and relations. Read More +
  • Steve Bannon: Kingmaker or Pawn?

    When Steve Bannon took over as the head of Trump's floundering, disorganized, and underfunded campaign, electoral victory seemed a dim possibility. How different everything looks now. Read More +
  • Fighting for Socialism in the Trump Era

    For ease of navigation, we have compiled our articles covering the 2016 Presidential Election and its results into one place and will update this as our coverage continues. Read More +
  • Trump’s Inauguration: A Vulgar Display of Capitalist Decay and Desperation

    And so begins the Trump era: with worldwide protests, pessimism, and polarization. Read More +
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