Thursday, January 29, 2015
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The War on Terror and the Terror of War The vicious cycle of state and individual terror continues unabated. Now France has been pulled violently into the maelstrom. Read the Full Story
The Failure of "Lesser Evilism" Private ownership of the means of production has hit a dead end on a world scale. The system is dying on its feet, and this inevitably has profound political and social consequences in the country par excellence of capitalism. Read the Full Story
Election 2014—Big Business Wins Again What if they held an election and nobody came? In some ways, the 2014 midterm election was very much like this. That is, democracy for the top 1% or 2%, but not for the rest of us! Read the Full Story

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China: Significant Upsurge in Workers’ Strikes and Protests in 2014

angry-workersDespite all the Keynesian experiments and the monetary stimulus, China has failed to escape the global economic crisis. In 2014 its economic growth dropped to 7.4%, the weakest in 24 years. For the first time in 16 years growth missed the government’s annual target (7.5%).



More Money for the Rich, More Cuts for the Workers

budget2015Just before the Christmas holiday break, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that continued the usual pattern: more money for the wealthy, austerity for the working class, and about half of the cash to the military. This reflects the present situation of American and world capitalism—a crisis-ridden system that must take back past progressive reforms and build up its military to battle the growth of revolutionary movements and the general upheaval in the ex-colonial world.  We must remember that right now, the US economy is growing, but not in a manner to make up for the decline of the 2008 slump. There are dark clouds on the horizon.  China is slowing down and Europe and Japan seem to be in a second slump or “double dip.”


Obama: Talking the Talk When He Can't Walk the Walk

changeobamaMarx once famously remarked that in history, tragedy reappears as farce. Seven years ago, there was for many American workers the illusion that Barack Obama would somehow serve their interests. For these workers, the conversion of Obama's “Yes We Can” 2008 campaign to the first six years of his presidency has been a bitter disappointment and a tragedy.



A Petty-Bourgeois Opposition in the Socialist Workers Party

trotsky1938For our February 2015 organization-wide reading we are republishing Trotsky's article A Petty-Bourgeois Opposition in the Socialist Workers Party. This piece was written in the midst of an internal political struggle in the Socialist Workers Party in 1939–40 around the class nature of the Soviet Union. In order to take on the ideas of the opposition, Trotsky went back to the philosophy of Marxism, dialectical materialism, the Marxist view of the state, and much more. This article was published later as part of a larger volume about this debate titled In Defense of Marxism, which includes many of Trotsky's final writings before his assassination.


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